We know that you love new ideas and we know that having fresh, up-to-date websites with exciting videos is important to you too. So we’ve put together a whole page of new offerings designed to help make the corporate entertainment buying experience better for our clients.

Read on to discover some ways we can help you with your next event.

New Video

Welcome to the Evening of Your Dreams! The choice is yours! Will you choose a performance of scenes from your all-time favorite musicals or perhaps the most current shows straight off the “Great White Way”. You can even choose both! Take a look at their planner-friendly video and there’s a website in the works too!


New Video

Their New Video Presents More of the Story

SING! performs customized lyrics and delivers meaningful content in an impressive high-energy presentation. Check out our new video and see why “SING!” is perfect for your next meeting opener, award ceremony, or after dinner show. Watch their planner-friendly video.

New Music

This ultra cool 6-piece blues band knows just the right music to play – from Stevie Ray Vaughn to Bonnie Raitt, from Etta James to John Mayer. This is the kind of music that will have your guests smiling, but won’t overpower your event. And, best of all, if your guests do want to get up and dance this band has the repertoire and would to party. Their planner-friendly site has all the information you need, including downloadable songlist and rider. Click here to take a look.

New Website

Award-winning Rhythm Extreme leads the field in high energy rhythmic performance for the corporate market. We’d like to share some of that excitement with you. This site gives you access to everything you need to know about this amazing act including exciting video footage. Check out http://www.rhythmextreme.com and find out what the rest of the world already knows… “We Got the Beat!”

Le Ombre

Shadow dance performance is one of the fastest growing forms of live entertainment in the corporate and special events industry and Le Ombre is at the forefront. Merging modern media, stunning special effects and mind-blowing live elements, Le Ombre sets the standard. Amazing planner-friendly video at LeOmbreshow.com.

New Website

Experience Eklectico, a seamless fusion of beautifully arranged jazz, classical, world, pop, rock, and Latin inspired artistry.

This is “musical aromatherapy” in its highest form. For a glimpse into this mesmerizing possibility for your next sophisticated event, take a look at their new planner-friendly website .


This act combines your “ROCK STAR” singing guests, a great band and an interactive DJ in a non-stop format. There are no breaks in the entertainment all night long.

Let your audience become a member of the band. Their names appear on video screens along with the song lyrics and cool motion graphics. Check out their planner-friendly website at AllStarRockLive.com 


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