This is the 3rd of our 6-part series following up on our September Webinar on Virtual Meeting Entertainment. Each section discusses a different way virtual meetings can be enhanced through entertainment. Our first focus’ were on Openers and Interstitials. This week we discuss Celebrity Appearances & Performances.

Headliner performances are the number one request when it comes to creating a memorable and effective virtual event. While a large percentage of headline performers have started offering virtual performances, not all of them are good at it. It’s not enough to just have the performer playing solo from his/her sofa. There needs to be a connection between the Artist and the audience. It’s our job to help guide you through the selection process, and help you select an Artist that is genuine and willing to do the “extras” that will make your virtual event a smashing success. And the good news is that virtual prices are considerably lower than a live performance.

The keys to an impactful virtual celebrity performance are:

Size – while most Artists are performing solo, many acts are starting to offer full band experiences. Prices vary greatly depending on the format.
Length – Shorter is still better. Even the biggest names in the business will have trouble holding an audience more than 30 minutes, and many of them prefer 20 minute shows.
Live Virtual or Pre-Recorded Virtual – just like live performances, the type of event you’re doing has big impact on how you present the Artist. A small virtual event might benefit from a live virtual experience, while a large conference would benefit from a pre-recorded performance where the audio and video quality are perfect.
Connection – with all types of virtual events, the audience has to feel like the presentation is specifically for them. We strongly recommend that the Artist include a couple of short verbal segments mixed in with their songs. Whether it’s a Q & A, or telling insider stories, this is what the audience will really relate to.

Reach out and we’ll show you a sample of the many varied Virtual Headliners that we are excited to recommend.

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