Creative Team

The Special Event 2012

T. Skorman Productions produced the Opening General Session for The Special Event 2012, a gathering of 1,500 professionals within the Special Events Industry. Rather than provide the usual entertainment opener and sixty minute keynote speaker, The Creative Team took the opportunity to show how entertainment can deliver messaging and content to an audience, when it’s properly presented. In this case, the 90 minute session was turned into a musical production featuring singers, dancers, and actors, all participating in “A Day In The Life Of A Special Event Professional”. The entire session was scripted from start to finish, songs re-lyric’d, and custom video animation and graphics were created to support the production.

The Results: “The most memorable General Session in 25 years,” “You actually gave us information we could use,” “you touched every person in the audience,” were just a few of the comments.

The cast of “SING” strikes a pose
Creative video combined with live talent
Producers Paul Creighton & Connie Riley with Darryl Phillips (audio)
So many questions!