Expert Event Planning

How We Can Help:

A corporate event planner was planning an opening night reception poolside at the Ritz Carlton in Grand Cayman. His vision was to have a musical group actually performing in a swimming pool while sitting on clear plexi-glass chair. But for this to work, it required more than selecting the proper act. It meant dealing with technical issues too. Sometimes the client knows these issues, sometimes they do not. But in all cases, T. Skorman is responsible for thinking through the challenges in order to execute a flawless entertainment event.

Wrap Up:

In this situation, the client didn’t realize that musicians sitting in water could be an electrical hazard. They also didn’t anticipate that performers working over a wide area would have trouble keeping in synch with the other musicians.

This is where T. Skorman’s technical experience comes into play. Because we act as a partner, and not just an agent, we were able to guide the client to a collection of instruments that could be used without electricity before they sold the concept to their client. And because we knew that synching issues could be overcome by in-ear monitors, we were able to account for this before they sent their budget to the client.

The result was a stunningly beautiful evening of music and a client that was blown away by the creativity of the planner!