Realizing Your Event Concept

How We Can Help:

A corporate event producer wanted to create a team-building event that would engage the attendees while drawing national attention to the client’s brand, all the while giving lasting benefit to the host city and their citizens. His idea was to try to set a Guinness Book of World Records for the most dominoes. But not regular dominoes, this record would be set with bed mattresses each with a person attached.

Wrap Up:

In this situation, the client had a clear vision on what he wanted. T. Skorman’s role was to execute the vision, while at the same time, adding elements that helped ensure the event’s success. For example, instead of leaving the mattress placement to chance, T. Skorman brought in a former domino champion to oversee the placement. A live emcee was added to make sure that the live attendees were properly motivated and excited, and finally, at the conclusion of the event, all mattresses were donated to local charities in New Orleansy, making the event more than just a team-building exercise.

The results speak for themselves: