Managing Celebrity Talent

How We Can Help:

This is a scenario played out in our office over 300 times each year. Whether it’s a celebrity concert or a local dance band, we have a long-standing reputation for bringing calm and professionalism to an event. A perfect example was the Grand Opening of AT&T Stadium in Dallas, TX, home to the Dallas Cowboys. Owner Jerry Jones wanted a special party at the stadium for 1,000 of his closest friends. The highlight of the evening would be a surprise concert by legendary performer Diana Ross. T. Skorman was engaged to secure the artist, negotiate the rider on behalf of the client, and then to be on site to serve as a liaison between the act and the production team.

Wrap Up:

The audience had a great time, the client was pleased that the act’s performance was exactly what had been expected and Ms. Ross had been supplied with everything she required to make that performance successful in her eyes.

With talent, our clients expect us to “make it happen.” For T. Skorman, this is what we do. It’s what we are good at. Because most of the T. Skorman team have been performers at one point in our careers, we understand talent. This knowledge helps our clients because we know exactly what is necessary to provide the best performance for them. This is why our clients bring us to their events again and again.