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Our in-house producers create unique
entertainment solutions for today’s selective clientele. With our exclusive national-caliber acts, we have the ability to customize their performances to meet your specific needs.
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Extreme Beam Exclusive Talent

Only From T. Skorman

One of the things that sets T. Skorman apart is our roster of exclusive entertainment acts.

As experts in the industry, we know the latest trends, we know how to clearly define our clients’ needs and our in-house producers know how to go out and create unique entertainment solutions that fit today’s market.

Because we are the direct source, we offer these exclusive national-caliber acts at the best possible pricing. And because we designed the acts, we have the ability to customize performances to meet your specific needs.

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One of the things that sets T. Skorman apart is our roster of exclusive entertainment acts. We’ve worked with some of the most creative and exciting acts around. You can search our database for exclusive acts as well as many other acts we highly recommend.


What if you could combine Daft Punk with Coldplay. Think Lenny Kravitz on stage with Shakira. Got the picture? Then you’ve got HYPR. With four dynamic front singers and a four-piece band, HYPR covers the…...

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Orlando-based musician John Holley is a renowned singer, guitarist, saxophonist, and performer whose smooth, soulful vibe adds a touch of magic to any event. With his bluesy vocal style and contemporary approach to music, John's…...

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Acoustic Joe is an “unplugged” band that plays the type of music your audience wants to hear, without overpowering the atmosphere of your event. Playing acoustic guitars and percussion instruments, this is not boring forgettable…...

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Hot Property is legendary for featuring engaging lead vocalists who easily get crowds up on the dance floor and always leave the audiences begging for more. They are available in a variety of configurations from…...

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AllStar Rock Live combines a great band, your “ROCK STAR” singing guests and their emcee/ interactive DJ in a non-stop format. This Ultimate Karaoke Experience lets your audience become a member of the band as…...

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Nova Era is the embodiment of classical music for the new millennium. Featuring enchanting original and well-known melodies in the styles of Bach, Vivaldi, and other great composers' Nova Era performs arrangements supported by a…...

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