Are you tired of boring background musical acts that play unremarkable songs that no one pays attention to? Do you feel that you’re not getting the return on your investment when it comes to cocktail and dinner style entertainment?

Acoustic Joe has the answer for you. This 4 – 5 piece “unplugged” band plays the type of music your audience wants to hear, without overpowering the atmosphere of your event. Because all of the instruments are acoustic, Acoustic Joe blends into your event with a colorful blend of soulful voices, shimmering acoustic guitars and exotic world percussion.

With a songlist that ranges from includes Jason Mraz, Dave Matthews Band, Train, The Doobie Brothers, James Taylor, the Eagles, and many more, you can be sure that your audience will be tapping their feet even while they are engaged in a conversation with another attendee, or seated at a banquet dinner for 1,000 people… 

Acoustic Joe is your ticket to a world class music experience. Click on the act’s name to check out their website and video!

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