This Spring has been busy. Take a look at what our clients liked best! Read all about it….


You want to do what? Over the years we’ve had some unusual requests.
And, while T. Skorman is committed to delivering top quality talent no matter how how “wierd” the idea, it has actually turned out that many of the most effective entertainment ideas had been those “outside the box” requests. Chances are you’ve seen the this viral video on Youtube. Eight hundred and fifty hotel general managers lined up in fron of mattresses set up as dominos. T. Skorman provided the professional domino expert and the master of ceremonies (to keep everyone excited during the setup and mattress fall) as well as on-site coordination. The result was an unforgettable experience.

Bring us YOUR “out of the box” idea and let our entertainment experts help you turn it into a successful event!


Olivia Newton John brings the audience to their feet! On a recent show in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, incentive clients were treated to a surprise appearance by singer Olivia Newton-John. The multi-talented performer delivered a 75-minute show filled with charming personality, culminated in a standing ovation. Olivia Newton-John is a great example of the many celebrity performers we’ve provided lately that, while perhaps not the most obvious corporate event choice, nonetheless delivered stellar results for our clients. If your clients have “seen it all” let us help you with fresh ideas.


Acoustic Joe will appear at the BizBash South Florida Expo, April 18th on the tradeshow floor between 4pm and 5:30pm. Acoustic Joe was created in response to event professionals’ requests for “background entertainment that isn’t boring.” This 5-piece unplugged acoustic act performs music from Jason Mraz, Dave Matthews Band, Train, The Doobie Brothers, James Taylor, The Eagles and everyone in between. The response to this act has been phenomenal. Their music is memorable and fun to listen to but doesn’t get in the way of networking and mingling.


It’s all about the client. Over the years, our production team has had the opportunity to create custom experiences for our corporate clients. As our requests for this type of creative custom productions increase in popularity for general sessions, product reveals, etc… we thought we’d share a few recent examples that you might find useful for your clients:

* Custom Lyrics for a National Hotel Chain – custom lyrics written by our in-house writers to parody six different tunes used in a three day business meeting.
* “Sing!” for TSE – custom 90 minute script written specifically for The Special Event and performed by Sing!’s talented singer/dancer/actors
* Rhythm Extreme for a National Real Estate Company – a custom designed opening experience that had the cast of Rhythm Extreme building a mock house in their performance, playing all the while. The finale included the production of an actual For Sale sign, and the final pose ended with the word “SOLD” being placed on the sign.
* Light Force for a National Pharmaceutical Company – all Light Force routines end in the ability to reveal a custom 6 – 10 letter word
* Studio Tracks for Peabo Bryson – created two musical tracks from scratch for a surprise appearance by Peabo Bryson at a national sales meeting of a Fortune 500 company

These are just a few of the ways that T. Skorman can help you deliver more value to your clients.


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