The special event industry is extremely unique because of the vibrant and creative individuals that keep it going. The T. Skorman team values education and continuing development within the live event industry as the foundation for the amazing performances we produce. One of the most valuable assets to our success and growing network is our experience with others who hold the same values and investment in the future of the industry.

One of the main sources of our connections with others who share these values is through the International Special Event Society (ISES). We have always been highly involved with the organization and are excited that their new re-branding to the International Live Events Association (ILEA) makes it even more clear to event professionals what their mission is all about.

What Is ILEA?

The International Live Event Association – ILEA – is one of the largest organizations within the special event industry. It has been a key component in our personal success as a company, our staff’s careers, and sustaining the future of the industry as a whole. They were formerly known as the International Special Event Society (ISES), but have recently changed their name to better reflect the professionals that are members and the involvement the organization has within the community.

ILEA is committed to contributing to a thriving creative events profession. Through the efforts of committed volunteers at various stages of their career, the organization provides opportunities in self-development, networking, team building, and sparking creative inspiration. Many of their efforts protect the future of the industry by building awareness about current issues and preparing for potential hurdles on the horizon.

ILEA was founded in 1987 as an international organization, but members are encouraged to stay plugged in to the industry and get the most out of their membership through local chapters. The T. Skorman team has been very involved with the local Orlando chapter of ILEA as a production company and as individual professionals. T. Skorman’s Vice President, Connie Riley, served as a charter member when the Orlando chapter opened in December of 1990.

Like other ILEA members, we care about the industry’s future just as much as our personal success within this creative profession. Here are some of our favorite benefits from getting involved with ILEA.

Gain Valuable Relationships

Making relationships in this industry is a given that we all understand, but the quality of those connections can be even more important than the quantity. The amount of time you can invest in participating on the local level will eventually build to more international involvement.

The payoff of this investment shows itself in a number of ways. One of the most valuable is the opportunity to meet new clients and event partners in other markets. At least 60% of the projects and partners the T. Skorman team has worked on began through a relationship developed while volunteering with ILEA. These introductions are the ultimate goal for any supplier and one of the most common reasons companies invest in association memberships.

Education Development

Local chapters offer events and workshops to help professionals develop their current skill set to better serve their clients and move towards their career goals. The association offers chapter training and leadership training based on your individual level of involvement.

On a grander scale, members look forward to participating in the annual conference held every year in August filled with exclusive classes and experienced speakers. The conference is an inspiring experience where members can come together from all over the world to celebrate this amazing industry and be inspired to create even better events for corporate clients – plus it’s just plain fun!

Peer Recognition

Event professionals work extremely hard to produce performances that win both client and audience approval. With the amount of focus and integrity that goes into succeeding in this industry, it’s easy to forget that they are not the only people evaluating our work. Being recognized by your peers is not only a rewarding experience, but also motivates increased integrity and creativity within the industry.

ILEA allows creative event professionals to submit their best projects to the annual Esprit Awards for a chance to receive international recognition.

Guidance in the Global Market

Nobody can move their career to the global scale alone. It takes guidance and support from the right people within the community to build a career to this very complex – yet extremely rewarding – level.

The ILEA community is a safe and secure place to make international contacts and foster business relationships. Both the local chapters and international headquarters are constantly seeking innovative opportunities to help members make the best connections across the globe, and keep each member updated on the latest practices and trends from partnering countries.

It isn’t only about business though. Through over 30 years in the business we’ve enjoyed watching many of our global business relationships transform into priceless friendships.

T. Skorman’s Involvement With ILEA

The ILEA community thrives because of the passionate professionals that are dedicated to adding to the industry’s professional conversation and predicting hurdles and opportunities for growth in the future. Connie Riley and Paul Creighton on our executive staff have some of the most extensive involvement with the organization throughout their careers, and it’s always a pleasure see our team contribute to the success of the industry through the years.

  • Connie was a charter member of the Orlando Chapter in 12/1990.
  • Connie was Chapter President for Orlando in 1993-1994 and served as the International President from 2007–2008.
  • Paul served as Orlando Chapter President in 2002-2003.
  • Both Connie and Paul have volunteered for ILEA International Committees focused in the areas of continuing education for event professionals and advocating for proactive reform.

In addition to Chapter Leadership, Paul served on the International Board of Governors. His passion for education led him to build the curriculum for the first ‘Boot Camp for Emerging Event Professionals.’ This curriculum offered young professionals a condensed introduction and education to the events industry and included industry leaders as mentors to each student.

Connie volunteered with ILEA International for 15 years. During her time as International President, she served through ILEA initiatives that have significantly impacted the event industry. Her Board of Governors spearheaded the restructuring of the CSEP Certification Program ILEA offers, which was the first industry certification to be converted into a completely electronic exam.

Following her Presidency, she also served on the Convention Industry Council as the ILEA representative during a critical point when the US Government was planning on eliminating meets and events from the federal budget. The council’s research was released in 2011 showing that the US meeting and events industry was the 10th largest in the US at the time.

It’s safe to say that we love serving this industry as much as our corporate clients. It’s an exciting time to be a member of ILEA and be a part of the new brand and encompassing mission. The T. Skorman team can’t wait to continue serving the industry through ILEA’s continued support to the event industry, and connect with professionals that value the importance continued development and expert support can make in the quality of live event production.

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