The responsibilities and duties of an event planner aren’t always black and white, but their hands are certainly busy catering to each project’s unique needs. The best of the industry know that there will be times when the event is either too large or complicated to pull off without assistance. The tricky part is knowing when it’s time to call in the right partner, what should be handled by that team, and then finding the best event experts to trust.

The entertainment portion of a corporate event is one of the most valuable pieces to delegate to an expert partner. Making the most out of that partnership relies heavily on the experience and relationship the partnering production company brings to the table. Picking the right corporate entertainment partner at the right time can save meeting professionals both time and headache.

Reasons Event Professionals Hire Entertainment Production Teams

Increase Expertise and Value – Not all planners start out on projects involving entertainment, or have managed projects where the production elements require more attention and detail. These novices can rely on their production partner as a resource to handle the details, and use the opportunity to grow their own knowledge and careers.

Time Management Tool – Experienced planners juggling multiple projects at once appreciate delegating their corporate entertainment performance needs so that they can spend their time on other elements of the event. It also helps minimize the chaos of event days knowing the performance is in hands that they can trust to handle last minute issues.

Creative Idea Bank – Experienced planners want to bring their clients’ guests the most unique experiences available as often as possible. An experienced partner can bring more ideas, top rate talent, and customizable entertainment options that they might not have known was possible. They’ll rely on a production partner to produce creative ideas and work side-by-side to assist in executing them into the final performance.

The reasons may differ as to why planners will hire an outside entertainment team for their events, but there are common instances that are simply best handled by an expert team – despite what level the planner might be in their career. Here are the main signs that it’s time to hire a corporate entertainment partner for your next event.

Meeting Professionals Know It’s Time For an Event Entertainment Partner When…

Booking Celebrity Talent

Ensuring the right areas are covered within a celebrity booking negotiation are critical. The proper negotiation covers the needs of the high-end performer, but also protect the planner and client from being liable for something that could have been avoided.

Fulfilling rider requests takes experience and time that most planner’s demanding schedules simply don’t allow. A designated expert partner can uphold the details of the entertainer’s agreement, and also maintain an on-site relationship that keeps performance days running as smooth as possible.

Booking Multiple Acts

Whether you’re booking multiple celebrity acts or talent agency performers for an event, it’s still a complicated process. Multiple acts require more detailed scrutiny of their contract to ensure the same terms are being agreed upon. They also involve a more complicated process of coordination to keep them on schedule with sound checks, appropriately prepare for their varying set/tech needs, and catering to each acts’ potential issues on stage and off stage.

Booking Talent From A Different Area

Hiring a professional entertainment production partner gives planners a piece of mind that they will receive the quality of talent that they are expecting when booking acts outside of their local area. Meeting Planners rely on the production team’s entertainment producer to pick the right act that will meet the client’s vision within the budget and performance space limitations.

The best corporate entertainment partners are able to determine if the promotional material accurately showcases what the act will deliver. This is especially important in the modern age where anyone can post a video being who they want to be through digital alterations. Auto-tune and Photoshop can’t get passed a seasoned entertainment producer, no matter how subtle it might be.

When Booking Customized Performances

When event planners are experiencing a creative blockage in finding new ways to get their client’s message across, an experience entertainment team can be the best tool available. The experience and value that a production company, like T. Skorman provides, allows planners to not only have a resource of creative ideas, but ones that can realistically be executed.

Being in business for over 30 years has allowed our team to produce thousands of creative ideas that are both extravagant and subtle. Working with seasoned entertainment professionals means that each custom performance is unique every single time, based on a portfolio where no two events are alike.

Overall, event planners work tirelessly to provide the best experience for their client’s guests. Handing over the entertainment elements of an event isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, but planners are finding it easier to manage when their corporate entertainment partner shares their passion for quality production and strong work ethic.

If you’re experiencing any of the above scenarios, it’s time to find a production company that won’t just be an outsourcing expense to simply get things done. The best planners deserve a corporate production partner that is fully committed to building a lasting relationship for many events to come.

Does this sound like you? Then let’s talk about what T. Skorman Productions’ team of experts can do to make your event operation smoother and performances spectacular. We’re always looking to invest in new relationships with event planners at all stages of their career and assist with the most difficult challenges that may arise throughout the corporate entertainment process.

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